Inflatable balance training disc

CanDo 24-Inch Inflatable Balance Training Disc - Yellow

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CanDo 24-Inch Inflatable Balance Training Disc - Yellow

Cando's inflatable balance disc is an economic and useful tool for vestibular (balance related) training. The user places the balance disc on the floor and stands on top of it, improving balance and proprioception by learning to stay upright on the disc.

The Cando 24-inch has one nubby side designed to provide tactile feedback and stimulation. The other side is flat.

The disc can be inflated to a range of levels, allowing users to customize the feel of the exercise. Varying the level of inflation changes the difficulty of balancing on the disc. The balance disc can be inflates and deflated using a standard ball pump.

This inflatable balance disc can also be used like an inflatable exercise ball by placing it on a seat and sitting on it.

CanDo Inflatable Balance Discs are available in 5 different colors, including blue, black, red, green, and yellow. This disc is yellow.

There is also a smaller, 14 inch (35 cm) size CanDo balance disc available besides this 24 inch (60 cm) version.

This disc is 24 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches thick when inflated. It weighs 7 pounds.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 24" x 2.5" x 24"

Weight: 11.0 lbs

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

UPC: 714905010995