CanDo® Dispens-a-Band® exercise band rack, wood, 5 rolls, INCLUDING: 5 x 50 yard CanDo® AccuForce™ low powder set (yellow, red, green, blue, black)

Cando Accu-Force band, 6 yard, low powder

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Cando's 6-Yard AccuForce Low Powder Exercise Bands come in a convenient clinic dispenser box. These bands are marked with indicators that measure four levels of resistance which allow you to measure your strength progression. When the band is not being stretched it shows four rectangles. Each rectangle is a measure of resistance. Level 1 measures 4.5 pounds of pressure, Level 2 measures 7.00 pounds of pressure, Level 3 measures 8.5 pounds of pressure and Level 4 measures 9.75 pounds of pressure.

When you pull on the resistance band Level 1 will begin to form a square. When Level 1 is reached (i.e. 4.5 pounds of pressure are applied), Level 2 will begin to form a square. The process continues until 9.75 pounds of pressure are applied to the band when pulled.

AccuForce allows you to accurately measure your performance with its patented indicators.

In total, AccuForce measures 20 different levels of strength progression (4 levels on each of 5 resistance bands).

Other AccuForce Products include the 50 Yard Resistance Band Set, and 40 bands pre-cut into four foot strips.



Dimensions: 12" x 41" x 6"

Weight: 55.0 lbs

UPC: 714905063960