CanDo® MVP® Balance System

Cando MVP Balance System Black Ball (Extra-Hard Pair)

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Cando MVP Balance System Black Ball

The Cando MVP balance system extra-hard pair is suited for those doing advanced balance training. As its name suggests, it consists of two black balls (Level 5) each measuring 3 inches in height. These are the largest instability balls available in the Cando modular balance system and it should provide users with the most amount of instability, especially when they’re doing balance training exercises.

When used with a Cando MVP board, users can either screw in a single ball or a pair depending on their needs. One black ball is enough to turn the Cando platform into a wobble board. Two balls, on the other hand, turns the platform into a rocker board. Because of the size of the black balls, users can experience the extra instability they need.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 8"

Weight: 4.0 lbs

UPC: 714905034755