Cando MVP Balance System Storage Tub for Balls and Weights

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Cando MVP Balance System Storage Tub for Balls and Weights

 MVP balance system is a modular balance system with 4 different non-skid platforms available and 5 different color-coded instability balls to choose from. 
• The platform stability can be altered creating various difficulty levels. 
• The MVP balance system is perfect for balance - coordination - ankle and knee strengthening and rehabilitation - ankle range-of-motion and flexibility - core stability - improved posture - and proprioceptive training. 
• Each board can be used either as a wobble board - if 1 ball is inserted into the center position - or rocker board - if 2 balls are inserted into opposing side positions. 
• One ball can also be positioned off center to aid in ROM and stretching activities. 
• The smaller instability balls offer the least instability and the larger instability balls offer the greatest instability. 
• Larger platforms can limit the instability. 
• Individual components available independently or available in kits with or without wall hang storage racks. 
• Color-coded Instability balls also for use with CanDo Multi-Axial Positioning System. 
• Storage Tub for Balls and Weights

Product Details:

Dimensions: 16" x 7" x 11"

Weight: 1.0 lbs

UPC: 714905010605