Cando Non-Latex Exercise Band Clinic Dispenser Box 50-Yard Roll

Cando Non-Latex Exercise Band Clinic Dispenser Box 50-Yard Roll

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Cando Non-Latex Exercise Band Clinic Dispenser Box - 50 Yard Roll


Exercise bands have proven to be an excellent piece of equipment used for rehabilitation protocols implemented by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and athletic trainers to aid in returning athletes to competition. In addition, they are a great choice for an individual’s personal fitness program and are often used by personal fitness trainers in training their customers. The effectiveness and versatility of exercise bands allows individuals to exercise anywhere and anytime for resistance strength training, endurance reps, stretching, and can be effectively incorporated into regimens designed to challenge balance and coordination. The creative therapist or any individual can design a variety of exercises for upper and lower extremities and core musculature making this product convenient for a safe and effective full body workout for multiple fitness levels.

These CanDo Latex Free Exercise Band Rolls are 50 yards in length with a width of 5 inches. Each resistance level roll is packaged in a dispenser box so you can easily pull out the band and cut with scissors to the length you desire, whether for a tall, short, or medium height individual.

Th bands design mimics the stretch and recoil characteristics of latex and provides exceptional durability without latex exposure. The 50-yard length exercise bands are color-coded consistent with the resistance levels of Thera-Band, graduating eight levels from least to greatest resistance. They are:

  • XX-Light, Tan color (50 yards)
  • X-Light, Yellow color (50 yards)
  • Light, Red color (50 yards)
  • Medium, Green color (50 yards)
  • Heavy, Blue color (50 yards)
  • X-Heavy, Black color (50 yards)
  • XX-Heavy, Silver color (50 yards)
  • XXX-Heavy, Gold color (50 yards)
  • For convenience, a 5-piece set consisting of one each of the resistance levels yellow, red, green, blue, and black is available for purchase.

Some Unique Features and Conveniences of Cando Latex-Free Exercise Bands

  1. Individual Customization: Because the exercise bands are dispensed and can be cut to any length, individuals of any height and limb length can have a band designed to best fit their frame.
  2. Fitness Progression: As people progress in their fitness level, a new and greater resistance is required in order to continue to apply a progressive overload to the muscles so that progress can continue.
  3. Full Body Workout: The human body has different size muscles and muscle groups that cross and work on specific joints. This then requires different resistance levels to effectively challenge different muscle groups. The ability to choose from eight different resistance levels (conveniently color-coded), or graduate from one level of resistance to another, enables all muscle groups of the body, big and small, to be challenged in a workout.
  4. Lightweight and Portable for Anywhere, Anytime Exercise: While you cannot take the gym with you when you travel or are isolated for any reason, exercise bands can be taken anywhere and used anywhere. Consider the convenience of:
    • Exercising at home, a place where you spend a significant amount of time. What a great way to get us up and off the couch during a commercial, between tasks, or for whatever reason. And they take up very little space in your home.
    • When out walking, jogging, or cycling, you can stop, pullout your exercise bands, and engage in some good old resistance training to further enhance your cardio workout.
    • When in the office, get up out of your chair, take a break from the unhealthy prolonged sitting, pull out your exercise bands and perform a few sets of 10 to 15 reps for resistance training while enhancing blood circulation.

5. Safety: While one could say that resistance training of any kind has some degree of injury risk, the use of resistance exercise bands, as compared to free weights, is virtually risk free. No chance of weights falling on toes, a barbell falling to the chest when benching, etc. It simply is a safe and fun way to exercise.
6. Creativity: The are some many ways that you can design to get a resistance training stimulus from exercise bands that you are primarily limited to your own creativity. And if not that creative, YouTube has numerous videos of a plethora of ways to use them to challenge any muscle group or individual muscle.
7. While Traveling: I’m not talking about exercising when your arrive at your travel destination, but while traveling, whether that be in the car (you’re not driving), or waiting for your flight in the airport, or in the motel room. In other words, with exercise bands, you can truly exercise anywhere, anytime.


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