Cando Walslide Complete Exercise Station

Cando Walslide Complete Exercise Station

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Cando Walslide Complete Exercise Station

Comes with top overhead section, wall piece, sliding anchors for both top and wall pieces. Sliding attachment mechanism allows overhead section to vary in height.

The Cando Walslide Complete Exercise Station is available in 3-feet, 4-feet, 5-feet, and 6-feet versions. Please choose the version you need

About the Cando Walslide Complete Exercise Station:
Makes exercise with resistive band and tubing more versatile and easier than ever! Easy assembly, simple to use, takes up very little space. Perfect for the physical therapy clinic, fitness center, home gym, rehab center, and anywhere else resistive exercise band is used. Attach to wall surface. To use, simply (1) slide the vertical snap hook to the appropriate height level, (2) open the snap, (3) insert the resistive band or tubing and exercise. The snap hook slides seamlessly to any height up and down the center groove of the WalSlide. Vary resistance level of band and tubing exercises by changing length of band/tubing or by changing the color of band or tubing in use.


Dimensions: 36" x 24" x 6"

Weight: 17.0 lbs

UPC: 714905005281