Carex 27 Inch  Metal Reacher

Carex 27 Inch Metal Reacher

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This Metal Reacher provides 27 of extended length to your reach. Perfect for seniors, post-surgery patents and anyone else who has trouble bending, reaching, grabbing or stretching. Allows users to grasp light to moderately heavy items from hard to reach places down low, like the floor, or up high, like the top shelf. The rubber tips let even small objects be lifted easily. Magnetic tips on the reacher help when lifting small metal objects. Weak hand strength is no problem for the reacher as the trigger action handle provides an easy-to-use pull lever that only needs light to moderate pressure to grab and hold objects. Weighing less than a pound, the reacher is lightweight and easy to hold. The easy to hold handle is textured and contoured, giving users a reliable and comfortable grip. Because it can be used indoors and out, the reacher helps users regain independence. Just as useful in picking up branches and twigs as it is to grab jars and cans from the cupboard.