Chango R4 Rocker Wobble Board

Chango R4 Rocker Wobble Board

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Chango R4 Rocker/Wobble Board

The Chango R4 Rocker/Wobble Board is designed to be a versatile tool for improving the balance and coordination of patients undergoing rehabilitation.

The Chango R4 Board can be used as a rocker board by utilizing the 2 wooden balls attached to the board as the pivot points. Then, as the patient advances and develops more skill, place the 3" ball between the wooden balls and the rocker board becomes a wobble board that can tilt in any direction on an angle up to 14 degrees. Finally, when the patient has developed beyond the 3" ball, add the 4" ball and the board can tilt up to 20 degrees.

The interaction between the nervous and musculoskeletal system facilitated by the Chango R4 helps to improve balance, coordination, and reaction time.