the Chattanooga Intelect SWD100 shortwave diathermy machine can help patients improve their circulation and range of motion.

Chattanooga Intelect SWD100 Shortwave Diathermy for Dry Heat Therapy

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Chattanooga Intelect SWD100 Shortwave Diathermy for Dry Heat Therapy

Heat therapy remains one of the most popular modalities in rehabilitation because of its versatility and applications. As innovations in heat therapy devices continue to evolve, Chattanooga offers ground-breaking equipment that delivers safe, effective deep tissue heating therapy. The Intelect SWD 100 Shortwave Diathermy machine is one of the most advanced hot therapy devices on the market today. With a full-color touch-screen interface, onboard clinical resources, customizable treatment parameters and more, the Intelect SWD100 is simple to set up and use. The Chattanooga SWD 100 offers a “Quick Start” option, giving practitioners the ability to begin treatment with just one touch of a button. Shortwave Diathermy is a great modality to use in rehabilitation and sports recovery offering several therapeutic benefits.

The Benefits of Shortwave Diathermy Intelect SWD 100 shortwave diathermy include:

  • Decreased pain relief
  • Reduction of muscle spasms
  • Reduced joint stiffness and contractures
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improvement in blood flow and circulation

Shortwave diathermy is a popular heat therapy modality because it’s able to treat larger treatment areas and has diverse applications. Shortwave diathermy can be used to treat conditions like: chronic inflammatory conditions, bursitis, tenosynovitis and chronic inflammatory pelvic disease.


  • Colored LCD touch-screen interface for easy operation
  • Includes multi-lingual software
  • Easy set up with 90 pre-set protocols for various heat therapy treatments. 
  • Machine has 200 allotted protocol slots for practitioners to create a library of customized protocols

When treating patients, it can be important to have access to modalities that can be used with patients unattended. The Intelect Shortwave Diathermy device was designed for safe, unattended use. When used in both rehabilitation and recovery settings, diathermy can help patients improve their circulation and range of motion, at the same time reducing both swelling and pain. Shortwave diathermy works by generating high-frequency, electromagnetic energy which aids in increasing cellular metabolism which in turn improves recovery time. This is beneficial in both clinical and training settings.

What sets the SWD 100 apart from other shortwave diathermy devices is that it provides several intuitive, easy to use features to improve both practitioner interface and patient response. One of these features is a full color LCD touch-screen interface which makes for quick and easy program selection. In addition, the Chattanooga SWD 100 includes multilingual software and over 90 clinical protocols pre-programmed to further reduce set-up time. With quick-link indications for a wide variety of treatment setup options, the Chattanooga shortwave diathermy takes the question out of set-up for most patient conditions and injuries. Not only that, but with the ability to store up to 200 user defined protocols in available storage slots, practitioners can easily customize treatments and keep them for future use.  

One of the best benefits of the Intelect Short Wave Diathermy unit, is it’s designed to accept both inductive and capacitive electrodes. With capacitive applicators, practitioners can treat superficial areas of the body, such as knees and elbows, perfect for treating sprains and strains.  Inductive applicators can be used to treat deeper tissues of the body, such as the neck and low back, perfect for cervical radiculopathy and low back pain.

Intelect SWD100 Shortwave Diathermy accessories includes: Inductive drum (Monode) connection cable, arm, indicator tube, and CD manual

For more information please see the product manual here: User Manual SWD 100 Shortwave Diathermy Machine