ColPaC Black Half-Size Urethane Cold Pack (6.5" x 11")

ColPaC Black Half-Size Urethane Cold Pack (6.5" x 11")

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ColPaC Black Urethane Cold Pack - half size - 6.5" x 11"

Experience superior cold therapy with the ColPaC Black Urethane Cold Pack. This reusable cold pack offers a highly effective method for applying targeted cold therapy to specific areas of your body. Whether you're dealing with a sports injury, post-surgery discomfort, or everyday aches and pains, this cold pack is your go-to solution. Its unique polyurethane exterior sets it apart from traditional vinyl packs, as it remains pliable and flexible even at lower temperatures, ensuring maximum comfort during use. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to relief with the ColPaC Black Urethane Cold Pack.

Indications for Use:

  • Ideal for post-surgery recovery
  • Great for treating sports injuries
  • Relieves everyday muscle soreness
  • Suitable for localized cold therapy

Profession/Settings Where Product is Used:

  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Sports medicine facilities
  • Home use for personal care
  • Hospitals and healthcare settings

Unique Features of the Product:

  • Maintains therapeutic temperature for up to 30 minutes
  • Polyurethane exterior for superior flexibility
  • Reusable design for cost-effective use
  • Suitable for use with a towel or Relief Pak cover
  • Half size - 6.5" x 11"

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 1" x 11"
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Exterior Material: Polyurethane