Dynatronics Tri-Wave Light Pads DLP3

Dynatronics Tri-Wave Light Pads DLP3

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Dynatronics Tri-Wave Light Pads

The Tri-Wave Light Probe from Dynatronics allows physicians to deliver any combination of 3-wavelengths of light - red, infrared, and blue. This product includes two robust 5 in x 7 in Tri-Wave Light Pads.

Compared to the Tri-Wave Probe light therapy delivery mechanism, these Dual Light Pads have several benefits because of their larger size, including:

  • Greater coverage of a joint
  • Treatment of 2 separate areas simultaneously
  • Ability to treat large areas of the body when placed side-by-side

The Tri-Wave Light Pads are available for sale only to licensed healthcare providers.