EZ-Trode 2-inch Square Self-Adhesive Electrodes - Pack of 40

EZ-Trode 2-inch Square Self-Adhesive Electrodes - Pack of 40

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EEZ-Trode 2-inch Square Self-Adhesive Electrodes - Pack of 40

Mettler's EZ-Trode line of self-adhesive electrodes is perfect for therapists who are looking something easy to use, long lasting, and affordable. This 2-inch square electrode maximizes the stimulation surface area. Other sizes and shapes of the EZ-Trode are also available from ProHealthcareProducts.com.

This item includes 40 electrodes, packaged as 4 sheets of 10 electrodes each.

EZ-Trode self-adhesive electrodes are Easy to Use. Simply peel from protective backing and apply to the skin. After treatment is complete, return to the protective backing and pouch for storage.

They have Excellent Conductivity. Silver coating on electrode backing provides uniform current dispersion with high conductivity.

These electrodes are Pliable—Conforms to irregular body surfaces for complete contact, even during strenuous muscle stimulation protocols. The are also Long Lasting. Skin friendly conductive gel maintains smooth skin contact through many stimulation sessions.

EZ-Trode electrodes come in a Foil-Lined Pouch. Sealed pouch provides a moisture barrier to extend shelf life. Easy closing top keeps electrodes fresh after opening.

EZ-Trode electrodes use New Soft Connectors—Molded rubberized connectors assure easy insertion and removal of electrode cable-pins into the electrode connector.