Conductive Back Brace

Garmetrode Conductive Back Brace

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Garmetrode Conductive Back Brace

Garmetrode's Conductive Back Brace is a high quality, double pull, back belt. Embedded in the back brace are 2 rubber large non-adhesive electrodes for electrotherapy waveforms such as TENS and interferential.

The electrodes are easily accessible from the back of the belt. The belt is made of high quality material. It serves as a back support that can be used for back support separately or in electrotherapy applications.

The Garmetrode Conductive Back Brace comes in eight different sizes:

  • Small (28-32 inches) GB1008
  • Medium (33-38 inches) GB1012
  • Large (39-44 inches) GB1015
  • X-Large (45-49 inches) GB1017
  • XX-Large (50-54 inches) GB1021
  • 3XL-Large (55-59 inches) GB1023
  • 4XL (60-64 inches) GB1025
  • 5XL (65-69 inches) GB1027

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