I-Bresis Iontophoresis Patch, Box of 6

I-Bresis Iontophoresis Patch, Box of 6

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I-Bresis Iontophoresis Patch, Box of 6

The I-Bresis Patch is a revolutionary hybrid iontophoresis system designed to provide optimal drug delivery and flexible treatment options. With its advanced features and superior quality, this innovative patch offers numerous benefits for patients and clinicians alike. By harnessing the power of direct current, the I-Bresis Patch opens pathways to the skin, driving medication penetration effectively. Compared to passive delivery methods, this patch ensures a greater benefit from each treatment, maximizing medication absorption and reaching the target tissue. With the I-Bresis Patch, clinicians can choose the right medication and application for each patient, resulting in enhanced treatment outcomes. Experience the convenience and efficacy of the I-Bresis Patch today.

Indications for Use:

  • Optimal drug delivery and flexible treatment options
  • Customizable medication application with positive or negative polarity
  • Enhanced penetration and medication absorption into the target tissue
  • Suitable for a variety of medical conditions requiring localized drug delivery

Profession/Settings Where Product is Used:

  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Sports medicine centers
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Pain management clinics
  • Dermatology practices
  • Chiropractic clinics

Unique Features of the Product:

  • Hybrid iontophoresis system for superior drug delivery
  • Three treatment modes for customized therapy
  • Ability to deliver medication with positive or negative polarity
  • Direct current drives penetration and enhances absorption
  • Greater benefit from each treatment compared to passive delivery methods

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5.4" x 0.4" x 2.6"
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs
  • Package contains: Box of 6 I-Bresis Patches