Intelect Radical Pressure Wave (RPW) Technology 2

Intelect Radical Pressure Wave (RPW) Technology 2

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Intelect Radical Pressure Wave (RPW) Technology 2 (13-4690)

The therapeutic modality of shockwave therapy has been developed from extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and is based on the mechanism of a cascade response triggered by mechano-transduction: mechanical energy causes changes in the cellular skeleton, which provokes a reaction of the cell core to influence diverse cell structures such as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, intracellular vesicles, etc., so the enzymatic response leads to the improvement in the body’s healing process.

The Radical Pressure Wave (RPW) technology activates connective tissue from the surface level to difficult-to-reach pathologies in addressing pain and inflammation of orthopedic conditions. The radial, pneumatically generated, low-energy acoustic waves, or pressure pulses propagates radially within the tissue, generating a therapeutic effect and reaches deeper tissues easier and more comfortably than forceful manual manipulation.

Features of the Intelect Radical Pressure Wave (RPW) Technology 2

  • High resolution touch screen technology for clinician ease of use

  • A comprehensive clinical protocols library – visual anatomical and pathological library and treatment guidelines to aid the clinician in providing effective treatments for a large range of musculoskeletal pathologies

  • The Intelect Connect App provides a seamless transition of patient data from the device to the PC, allowing the clinician to produce reports and to share patient data across other Chattanooga devices

  • A new ergonomically designed Falcon Handpiece

  • Convenient and well-organized storage configuration for placement of device accessories

  • Standard Accessories: applicator set, beam transmitter, D-Actor 20mm transmitter, 250ml conductor transmission gel, CD user manual, power cord and revision kit

 Additional Accessories

An optional Pro Elite Accessory Kit (13-4691) that you can add to your Intelect Radical Pressure Wave (RPW) Technology 2 to expand treatment capabilities by adding the V-Actor HF handpiece with V25 & V40 Transmitters, the Di15 Gold Transmitter and Atlas (soft) RPW Transmitter.