JTech Commander Echo Downloader Test Reporting Software

JTech Commander Echo Downloader Test Reporting Software

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JTech Commander Echo Downloader Test Reporting Software

One of the biggest challenges of performing muscle testing and physiological evaluations is understanding the data from the test results. JTech Medical has produced a data collection and reporting software tool that allows physicians to streamline the entire process.

Commander Echo Downloader software enables medical professionals and researchers to quickly create meaningful reports from the data collected on the Commander Echo Console with the click of a button.

The easy-to-use Commander Echo Downloader software interfaces directly with the Commander Echo Console, eliminating dictation and transcription errors.

Reports generated are in color and give ample space for clinicians to include information about the patient such as Patient Name, Contact Information, Patient ID, etc. Reports are generated in the default RTF program allowing for report customization and easy attachment into patient files.

If you need help understanding how the Commander Echo Downloader Reporting Software integrates with other Commander Echo products from JTech, please contact the ProHealthcareProducts.com support team.

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