Medical New Born Training Baby for Nurse, Doctors, and LPN

Medical Newborn Training Baby for Nurse, Doctors, and LPN

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 Medical Newborn Training Baby for Sale

The Newborn Training Baby is used by medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, LPNs and anyone training to work with infants in a medical setting with neonatal care. The Newborn training baby allows users to practice both basic and medical infant care. This model is advanced and incredibly realistic. It has interchangeable male and female organs.  It also includes detachable internal organs of heart, intestine system, lung, bladder, and stomach. These can all be reached through the removable belly covering. The Newborn training baby has soft, life-like ears, a fully movable head. The arms are movable from the shoulder joints. The legs can be moved at the hip and knee. There is also a joint between the neck and head and in the abdomen so this anatomical baby moves in almost all the ways a human baby can. The head even has soft spots on it for practice in palpitation of the anterior and posterior fontanelles. This Nursetraining Baby by 3B is made of high quality synthetic material that allows for a easy care and durability. 

This Medical Newborn Training Baby is ideal for educating new parents as well as medical professionals because it can be utilized for basic as well as advanced pediatric care. The basic care training options include holding, carrying, dressing, undressing, changing, feeding, washing and umbilical care for an infant. The more advanced pediatric care training for professionals includes suctioning of the nasopharynx, tube insertion, administration of medication, insertion and care of tracheal cannula, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, obtaining urine specimens with a urine collection bag, bladder catheterization, taking a rectal temperature and enemas. The Newborn Training Baby can aid nurses and doctors in improving patient care and safety with consistent quality and continuing education on best practices in neonatal care. This anatomical model allows for simulations with immediate and direct feedback to hospital and clinic personnel. All of this leads to better care for infants.

It comes with the following accessories:
Syringe Suction catheter
Feeding tube Urinary catheter
Urine collection bag
Catheter lubricating gel
Carrying case

General information about the size and capacity of the 3B Nursetraining Baby:
Length: 20.86 inches / 53 cm
Weight: 6.17 lbs. / 2,8 kg
Head circumference: 13.39 inches / 34 cm
Bladder volume: 0.85 oz. / 25 ml
Intestinal volume: 3.38 oz. / 100 ml

The following items are NOT INCLUDED, but are practice accessories necessary for getting full use of the Newborn Training Baby:

Newborn infant clothing (0-3 mos., size 50-60)
Disposable diapers, size 0-6 mos.
Rubber teats for newborns, 0-6 mos.
Standard rectal thermometer
Urine collection bag
Water-soluble lubricating gel or silicone spray

Needles for injection, 10, 16, 20 gauge
Enteral feeding tube, size 8
French Suction catheter, size 8
French Bladder catheter, size 8
French Rectal tube, size 8
French Tracheal cannula, interior diameter 3 mm

Instructions for use are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese. 

Click HERE to download the manual for the Medical New Born Training Baby.