Mettler Sys-Stim 208 One-Channel Neuromuscular Stimulator

Mettler Sys-Stim 208 One-Channel Neuromuscular Stimulator

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Mettler Sys-Stim 208 Neuromuscular Stimulator

The Sys*Stim 208 Neuromuscular Stimulator uses a low-voltage biphasic waveform to manage pain in patients. The microprocessor controlled unit allows for a smooth comfortable waveform. This device uses one-channel. Stimulation modes include: Surge, Pulse, and Tetanize. It has easy-to-use knobs that control stimulation intensity and frequency, a digital timer and a remote patient cut-off switch.

For more information about the operation of the Mettler Sys-Stim 208 Neuromuscular Stimulator, please refer to the user manual published in our product resource center.


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