MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer

MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer

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MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer

The MFT-2700 Multi-Functional Trainer features two 200lb. weight stacks each independently adjustable in 2 1/2lb. increments and each with a low starting weight of 2 1/2lbs.

The adjustable extension arms arm hyrdaulically supported so the user doesn't have to bear the full weight of the arm while it is being adjusted. The adjustable arms offer 150 degrees of vertical adjustment (15 different positions) and 165 degrees of horizontal adjustment (5 different positions) for a variety of exercises.

The base of the machine is wide enough for wheelchair access, other rehabilitation equipment, benches, or exercise balls and the center area features diagrams of basic exercises that can be performed using the MFT-2700.

The MFT-2700 measures 111" wide including the extension arms by 63" deep including the base and stands 83" tall.

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