Orfit® Splinting Material - Ease® 24x36x1-8 inches

Orfit® Splinting Material - Ease® 24x36x1-8 inches

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Orfit® Splinting Material - Ease® 24x36x1/8 inches

Ease provides a superior finish and feel. It does not contain rubber and is not sensitive to UV light. Splinting material is sold individually or in a case of 4. Comes in 3 sizes with or without micro perf.


  • Compares to Rolyan Ezeform, Tailor-Splint and Kay-Splint.
  • Offers medium resistance to stretch and has draping and contouring features.
  • Adheres to itself when dry heated.
  • Great for the fabrication of large or small splints.
  • Controlled stretch even when larger splints are to be fabricated.
  • Maximum rigidity (Flexural modulus 850mPa)
  • Not tacky but temporarily self-bonding, giving the splint maker a helping hand.
  • Permanent bond by dry heat and hard pressure. Not coated, no need for solvent.

SHEET SIZE - 24" x 36" x 1/8"

  • Non Perf
  • EN-244122 1 Sheet Price $90.00
  • EN-244122-4 4 Sheets Price $340.00
  • Macro Perf
  • EN-244132 1 Sheet Price $90.00
  • EN-244132-4 4 Sheets Price $340.00