Orfit® Splinting Material - Ortho® 18x24x1/8 inch

Orfit® Splinting Material - Ortho® 18x24x1/8 inch

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Orfit® Splinting Material - Ortho® for Rigid and Large Splints

Ortho provides a superior finish and feel. It does not contain rubber and is not sensitive to UV light. Splinting material is sold individually or in a case of 4. Comes in 3 sizes with or without micro perf.


Ortho® Compares to Orthoplast, Rolyan San Splint or Synergy. Has maximum resistance to stretch and makes excellent rigid and large splints. Adheres to itself when very hot, is excellent for uncooperative patients and is fingerprint resistant. Has a limited memory and will hold its shape well during remolding.

Can be molded directly on the patient's skin without protection. Can be activated anywhere in the workshop, hospital of at the patient's home. A hot water bath, kitchen oven, microwave or hair dryer can be used.

SHEET SIZE - 18" x 24" x 1/8"

  • Non Perf
  • EN-244101 1 Sheet Price $70.00
  • EN-244101-4 4 Sheets Price $147.00
  • Macro Perf
  • EN-244111 1 Sheet Price $70.00
  • EN-244111-4 4 Sheets Price $147.00