Arm Range of Motion Exercise Skate For Sale

Physical Therapy Exercise Skate

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Physical Therapy Exercise Skates for Sale

Exercise skates designed specifically for arm range of motion exercises. The skate is foam padded and covered with durable, easy to clean Vinyl upholstery. 

The board is fitted with Ball Casters which allow it to slide across smooth surfaces during ROM testing. It also features Velcro straps to secure the patient’s arm and ensure no slippage while user performs their arm ROM exercises. 

Large or Small Size Exercise Skates Available

The exercise skate comes in 2 sizes: Large or Small

  • Large Exercise Skate : 6 x 12 inch

  • Small Exercise Skate: 6 x 6 inch

Large Exercise Skate: 6 x 12

Small Exercise Skate: 6 x 6