Pre Cut TheraBand Resistance Band Packs - Comes with 30 prepacked 4 ft sections of desired resistance level

Pre-Cut Thera-Band Latex Exercise Resistance Band Pack - 30 x 5 ft

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30 Pre-Cut 5-ft Thera-Band Latex Exercise Resistance Bands

The Pre-cut TheraBand Resistance Band Pack is extremely convenient and economical for any rehabilitative medicine practice. Using a 30 yard roll of TheraBand, its easy to be wasteful. Maybe you cut a piece too long or too short and waste some of it. With the simple Pre-Cut Resistance Bands from TheraBand it's easy to be consistent. Save the extra large TheraBand Resistance Band Rolls (25 yrd and 50 yrd) for other scenarios needing custom resistance band lengths.

Prepackaged Resistance Bands help you monitor supplies and easily support patients. Give therapists and patents piece of mind by providing them with obviously brand new, neatly packaged resistance bands. They'll appreciate the "gift" and everyone will feel special with their own personal rehab band.

Thera-Band latex exercise band can be used independently or as part of a progressive exercise program. See the Thera-Band chart for the resistance ratings. This product contains 30 pre-cut 5-ft resistance bands. Each band is 5 inches wide.

Please select your Thera-Band Latex Exercise Resistance Pre-Cut 5-Foot Band dispenser from the following available resistance levels:

  • Yellow / X-Light
  • Red / Light
  • Green / Medium
  • Blue / Heavy
  • Black / X-Heavy

TheraBand Color Sequence Resistance Chart