Puttycise Theraputty Knob Turn Tool for Occupation Therapy

Puttycise Theraputty Knob Turn Tool for Occupation Therapy

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 Puttycise Theraputty Knob Turn Tool for Occupational and Physical Therapy

The Knob Turn tool is used by occupational and physical therapists to strengthen muscles and improve coordination for patients. The knob turn tool is one of five different Puttycise tools intended to be used with putty to provide resistance exercises for patients who need to improve strength and coordination.

The Knob Turn tool simulates the following activities: opening a door, tightening a jar, pushing a lid onto a container, tightening a valve, holding a glass of water, opening makeup containers.

Joint protection techniques to consider when using the knob turn tool include using a "C" grip to avoid ulnar stress to MP joints and using pressure proximal to the thumb IP joint with grip to decrease loading to the CMC joint.