Puttycise Theraputty Occupational Therapy Tool Kit

Puttycise Theraputty Occupational Therapy Tool Kit

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 Puttycise Theraputty Occupational and Physical Therapy Tool Kit - Strong Resistance

This Puttycise Theraputy Tool Kit is designed to increase hand function and versatility. The five tools included with this set simulate different functions that are experienced in every day life and improve the patient's ability to perform those functions.

The five functional pieces included with this kit include:

  • Cap Turn
  • Key Turn
  • Knob Turn
  • L-bar
  • Peg Turn

The set also includes four containers of 5 pounds each of the most resistant strengths of Theraputty: red, green, blue, and black. ProHealthcareProducts.com also carries Puttycise Theraputty kits for moderate and light resistance.

This kit is commonly used by occupational therapists, physical therapists, and human resource departments to improve dexterity and capabilities of the hands.