sEMG - MyoTrac Home Trainer with Myoscan Active Sensor and extender cable, 1-channel

sEMG - MyoTrac Home Trainer with Myoscan Active Sensor and extender cable, 1-channel

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 sEMG - MyoTrac Home Trainer with Myoscan Active Sensor and extender cable, 1-channel

 Surface electromyography (sEMG) for musculoskeletal assessment is a non-invasive procedure that detects and quantifies muscle contraction/activation through surface electrodes positioned on skin regions superficial to the muscle(s) being evaluated. The resulting biofeedback provides real time muscle monitoring information of body behaviors and responses under normal and pathological conditions. Electromyographic biofeedback can be used the clinician and patient to:

  • Evaluate the intensity of muscle contraction and tension and the degree of muscle relaxation
  • Obtain biological biofeedback toward gaining increased awareness and control over musculoskeletal physiological processes to:
    •    Correct faulty posture or contralateral muscle imbalances
    •    Facilitate muscle relaxation and intervention skills such as muscle re-education (calm down hyperactive muscles and strengthen weak or inhibited muscles
    •    Reduce related pathological pain
  • Quantify the myoelectrical manifestation of muscle fatigue and motor unit recruitment
  • Diagnose neuromuscular disorders and evaluate the extent and prognosis of muscle lesions and monitoring the effect of rehabilitation efforts

Biofeedback is rapidly expanding in its capacity and scope to provide essential physiological musculoskeletal information previously undetectable from manual palpation and manual muscle testing and is invaluable in its ability to aid the therapist/clinician in making better and more accurate diagnosis and therapeutic interventions.

MyoTrac™ packs extreme sensitivity into a light, compact unit that works for you and your patient in the clinic or home. It is ideal for clinical assessment as well as for self-training. MyoTrac™ allows total freedom of movement for ambulatory exercises and provides a bright light bar and proportional tone biofeedback. The unit is accurate and reliable. MyoTrac™  offers three sensitivity ranges for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation or relaxation therapy, and provides stable readings in less than a second.


* The highly-sensitive MyoScan active sensor needs no skin preparation

* Two modes of biofeedback - LED and 5 way tone - provide flexibility

* 5 way tone feedback includes proportional, above and below threshold and 4-second delayed alarm, 13-segment LED bar graph offers expanded range for precise visual feedback

* Wide and narrow bandpass filters provide precise monitoring of normal and fatiguing muscles and eliminate heart-beat artifact

* 0 to 2 Volts DC output allows to connect to third party equipment and permits computerized monitoring, Low current      consumption provides long battery life.


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