Kinesiology Tape is a cotton tape that stretches along its length, but not width ways

SISSEL Tape, 5 m x5 cm, multi-colored

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Kinesiology Tape, 5 m x5 cm, natural-colored by SISSEL

The SISSEL Kinesiology Tape is a cotton tape that stretches along its length, but not width ways. This direction of stretch gives the tape it's properties, and lends itself to the four application techniques:

  • Muscle Technique: Used to increase or decrease muscle tension, leading to improved performance, pain reduction, and reduces recovery times.
  • Ligament Technique: Used to support injured ligaments and tendons, reducing pressure and pain.
  • Mechanical Techniques:Lymphatic Technique: To increase the space between the skin and subcutaneous tissue making it easier for the lymph fluid to flow out of the interstitial space, resulting in better mobility of filaments between the initial lymph vessel endothelium cells and the elastic fibers within the connective tissue.
    • Functional: Correcting abnormal bony positions.
    • Fascia: Correcting adhesion within muscle fascia.

SISSEL Kinesiology 

  • Size: 5 m x 5 cm.

  • K-Tape for support and activation of multi-functional body performance.

  • 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive.

  • Multi Use: Rehabilitation, support, sports performance improvement.

  • Functions: Pain reduction, improves muscle function, eliminates circulatory restrictions, supports joint function.

  • Supports "over" worked muscles and joints.

  • Aids the lymphatic system.

  • Application: Muscle technique, ligament technique, mechanical correction, functional, fascia, lymphatic technique.
  • Stretches 130% along length of tape.
  • High Quality Cotton Fabric: Waterproof, breathable, hypoallergenic.
  • Can be worn for several days at a time prolonging the treatment.


SISSEL Kinesiology Tape Colors:

  • #162.200: Natural-Colored.
  • #162.201: Blue.
  • #162.202: Pink.
  • #162.203: Black.