Skyndex® Skinfold Caliper - Jackson-Pollock/Slaughter-Lohman

Skyndex Dual Formula J-P + Slaughter-Lohmann Skinfold Caliper

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Skyndex Dual Formula Jackson-Pollack + Slaughter-Lohmann Skinfold Caliper

The Skyndex Skinfold Caliper with the 3-site Jackson-Pollock formula is the fastest way to assess an athlete's Body Composition and Body Fat. Using the Slaughter Lohmann Skinfold Caliper measure the appropriate sites, press the enter button, body fat percentage will appear on the display. Selecting age range and gender is as easy as moving one dial. Practitioner's assessing Body Composition can get the job done in 45 seconds without risking data entry errors common with other types of skinfold calipers.

Carrying case, battery transformer, instructions included.

Features of the Skyndex Dual Formula Jackson-Pollack + Slaughter-Lohmann Skinfold Caliper

  • Jackson-Pollock 3-Site formula
  • 1 dial to select Gender &  Age
  • No data entry errors
  • Built in immediate %Fat calculation
  • 9v or 110v operation
  • Foam lined ABS plastic carrying case
  • calibration dowel and Power Plug included
  • 1 Year warranty included