Spirit, CE800ENT Elliptical (10-6074ENT)

Spirit, CE800ENT Elliptical (10-6074ENT)

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Spirit, CE800ENT Elliptical 

One of the great benefits of an elliptical machine is the great cardio stimulus it provides working both the upper and lower body extremities, while reducing the stress applied to joints of the lower body. Its rhythmical motion involving so many major muscle groups increase caloric burn and is considered by many to simply being more enjoyable to use as compared to some cardio exercise machines.

The Spirit CE800ENT Elliptical, is engineered for the commercial environment and designed on the solid CE800 platform, to provide touchscreen technology on a large and easy to view 15.6” display. The unique benefits of the Spirit CE800ENT include:

  • Capability to screen mirror from the users phone wo they can watch whatever they want
  • Pre-loaded apps with popular streaming, news, and social media
  • Capability to watch cable TV through an HDMI and cable box connection
  • A USB charging port
  • Cooling fan for user comfort
  • Preset program provide a variety of popular workouts for the average user while heart rate control and custom programs are available for more serious users

This commercial grade elliptical machine can be found in medical clinics, public gyms, sports training and rehab facilities, in hotels and resorts, and in other environments where cardiovascular equipment is in high demand by lots of people.


Dimensions: 78" x 67" x 28"

Weight: 240 lbs

Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

UPC: 714905113108

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