Step Agility Hurdle Standard 6" Training Set (Set of 12)

Step Agility Hurdle Standard 6" Training Set (Set of 12)

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Step Agility Hurdle Standard 6" Training Set (Set of 12) 

Boost your athletic performance with our Quick-Set Step Hurdles. Designed for dynamic speed and agility training, these lightweight and portable hurdles are indispensable for athletes aiming to elevate their game. The vibrant orange PVC hurdles ensure high visibility and durability, allows for varied workout intensity. Whether you're refining your footwork indoors or amplifying your knee lifts outdoors, this set is a quality investment in your sports regimen.

Indications for Use:

  • Speed and agility enhancement
  • Knee lift and foot speed improvement
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use

Profession/Settings Where Product is Used:

  • Athletic training facilities
  • Sports team practices
  • Home gyms
  • School sports programs
  • Rehabilitation centers

Unique Features of the Product:

  • Constructed with resilient orange PVC
  • Easily adjustable for personalized training
  • Conveniently lightweight for transport
  • Adaptable for various agility drills

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Dimensions: 7.35" (W) x 6.35" (H) x 18.6" (D)
  • Material: Durable Orange PVC tubing
  • Set Configuration: Set of 12

Common Questions with Answers About the Product:

  • Q: Can the hurdles be adjusted for different heights? A: The hurdles are fixed at a 6" height, ideal for a variety of training exercises.

  • Q: Are the hurdles suitable for professional athletic training? A: Yes, they are designed to meet the high demands of professional athletes and trainers.

  • Q: How portable are the step hurdles? A: They are lightweight and easily transported for use in different locations and settings.