Thera-Band Latex Free Resistance Band - Red (Light) 25-yd Roll

Thera-Band Latex Free Resistance Band - Red (Light) 25-yd Roll

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Thera-Band Latex Free Exercise Resistance Band - Red (Light) 25-yd Clinical Dispenser Roll

This product is a latex-free version of Thera-Band Exercise Band. This Thera-Band resistance band is a 25-yard roll of 5 inches wide exercise band packaged in a roll dispenser.

Thera-Band Exercise Resistance Bands are designed to be used in coordination with the Thera-Band Progressive Resistance Program, which specifies resistance levels according to a color coded system. The resistance bands can also be used independently.

This band's resistance level is red. Please refer to the Thera-Band Resistance Chart for more details about the red resistance level.

The following resistance levels of Thera-Band Resistance Bands are also available from

  • Yellow / X-Light
  • Green / Medium
  • Blue / Heavy
  • Black / X-Heavy