Touch-Tes Monofilament - 5-piece Set for Hand

Touch-Test Sensory Evaluator Monofilaments - 5 Piece Hand Set

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Touch-Test Sensory Evaluator Filaments - 5 Piece Set

Touch-Test Sensory Evaluator Filaments Features:

  • filament bends when peak force threshhold is reached.
  • test sensory levels and obtain objective data on the status of diminishing or returning sensibility.
  • handle opens to a 90-degree angle.
  • finger indentations on handle provide a firm, comfortable hold.
  • color code shows pressure level.
  • each set comes in protective case with instructions included.

Touch-Test Sensory Evaluator Filaments - 5 Piece Set includes the following filament sizes: 2.83,3.61,4.31,4.56,6.65

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