Triton DTS Traction Unit with Advanced Accessory Package (00-8250K)

Triton DTS Traction Unit with Advanced Accessory Package (00-8250K)

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 The Triton DTS Traction Unit with Advanced Accessory Package is designed to be used with the Triton 6M an 6E six-section Hi-Lo Traction Tables for a complete traction regimen in the treatment of herniated discs, degenerative discs, sciatica, segmental spinal muscle spasming, and other occlusion events of the intervertebral foramina, as well as improving blood flow in theses targeted areas.

Unique Features of the Triton Traction Unit

  • User friendly and intuitive digital touch screen interface
  • Fully programmable pull patterns that offer static, intermittent, and cyclic traction
  • Allows for adjustable user hold, rest, and treatment times
  • Patient Pain Profiles are recorded before and after treatment for an ongoing personalized course of treatment
  • Individualized patient treatment parameters can be stored as default for the patient or as one of twenty user defined protocols.
  • A Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback Unit consists of a combined gauge and inflation bulb that is connected to a pressure cell to monitor how the patient’s body is reacting to treatment for an even greater patient customization treatment
  • A Knee Bolster Set provides optimal body positioning to aid in multiple treatment applications\
  • Patient Data Cards to house patient therapy data from the unit including all therapy session parameters, before and after Patient Pain Profiles, and Session notes. Each Patient Data Card can store multiple sessions and each session can be recalled within the unit.

 The Triton DTS Advanced Accessory Package Includes:

  • Triton Traction Unit with digital touchscreen that rotates 270 degrees for easy viewing regardless of the way the unit is facing
  • Universal fit QuickWrap DTS Belt Set for use with pelvic or lumbar tractions applications up to 300 lbs
  • Knee Bolster Set (2) and eliminate the need for a flexion tool
  • Saunders Cervical Traction Set
  • Stabilizer Pressure Feedback Unit
  • Emergency Patient Interrupt Switch that allows the patient to immediately cease treatment and the unit to shut off
  • Five (5) Patient Data Cards (additional packs of 25 cards are available separately)

Note: this is the accessory package only. The 6M and 6E traction tables are available separately.

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Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.