TX Cervical Traction Kit with Bolsters

TX Cervical Traction Kit with Bolsters

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TX Cervical Traction Kit with Bolsters

The TX Cervical Traction Kit with bolsters includes the TX Traction Unit, Quick Wrap Belting System, Knee Bolster, and Saunders Cervical Traction System (includes clevis). It's purpose in conjunction with a traction table is to apply a graduated and static , intermittent, and cyclic tension to provide controlled and repetitious force to accomplish the purposes of therapeutic traction therapy as part of a comprehensive and thorough approach to spinal therapy.

The TX Traction Unit is the device that applies the pulling or traction force to restore normal function and mobility and alleviate pain in the muscles, ligaments, and articular tissues by distracting intervertebral discs and vertebral facts, decompressing nerve roots, facilitating muscle relaxation, connective tissue extensibility, and enhanced blood flow.

The Quick Wrap Belting System is a series of carefully designed and ergonomically correct traction harnesses to be used in conjunction with any number of traction units that provide the tension pull of static, intermittent, cyclic, or combination traction therapy. 

The Knee Bolster consists of two knee bolsters that are designed to provide independent leg support in assisting the clinician in positioning the patient while performing traction therapy. It essentially eliminates the need for a flexion stool. 

The Saunders Cervical Traction System is the device that ensures that the traction forces are directed to the back of the head to prevent against TMJ irritation and the proper and aligned delivery of the pulling forces to achieve the distraction and decompression effects in the relief of cervical neck pathology symptoms. 





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