Whitehall 30 Gram HydroChlor - 36 Packets (HC-30)

Whitehall 30 Gram HydroChlor - 36 Packets (HC-30)

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Whitehall 30 Gram HydroChlor - 36 Packets (HC-30)

The Whitehall 30 Gram HydroChlorÒ Packets - 36 pre-measured packets of 30 grams each

  • HydroChlor contains 100% Chloramine-T
  • As a disinfectant, Chloramine-T is a topical bactericidal disinfectant, including active chlorine 24.5% MIN.
  • Chloramine-T is relatively stable and has functions for killing Gram-positive bacteria, viruses, fungi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E-coli, MRSA, Gram-negative bacteria, spores
  • HydroChlor dissolves fully in water and is non-toxic

Use Instructions: Simply drain your whirlpool, clean and wipe down the interior, refill with water and add HydroChlor®. Allow the water to agitate and the HydroChlor® to mix for 2-3 minutes. In addition to proper cleaning, HydroChlor® leaves your whirlpool sanitary for years of trouble-free use.

Note: This product is non-returnable. Ships Ground to U.S. Destinations Only

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