Whitehall Hydrolift for 15 Gallon Whirlpool

Whitehall Hydrolift for 15 Gallon Whirlpool (HL-15-M)

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Whitehall Hydrolift for 15 Gallon Whirlpool (HL-15-M)

The Whitehall Hydrolift for 15 Gallon Whirlpool is fully adjustable, raising the whirlpool rim to any height up to 32”, 36”, or 38” depending on the model being lifted.

Specifications of Tank Size that Can be Lifted (tank not included)

  • Tank Length: 25”
  • Tank Width: 13”
  • Tank Depth: 15”
  • Tank Height: 20”
  • Tank Capacity: 15 Gallons

Specifications of Hydrolift

  • Hydrolift Base Width: 21”
  • Hydrolift Front to Back: 19.5”
  • Hydrolift Max Height: 53”

Features of the Hydrolift

  • Hydrolift Frame, Clamp and Push Bar are constructed of heavy gauge, type 304 stainless steel, polished to a satin finish
  • Base of the frame sits underneath the whirlpool to prevent any possible obstacle
  • Frame is of a telescoping design and includes a tamper resistant clamp to secure the hydrolift to the whirlpool
  • Includes a push bar to assist when moving
  • Provides a crank handle makes raising and lowering of the whirlpool easy and includes an integral brake lever to lock the handle and whirlpool in place.
  • A tension adjuster is provided at the handle to regulate any changes in weight being lifted


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