Replacement Turbine Assembly for all Whitehall Whirlpool for Sale

Whitehall Replacement Whirlpool Turbines - All Sizes

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Replacement Whitehall Whirlpool Turbines for Sale

This replacement turbine is designed to work with Whitehall whirlpools as well as most whirlpools made by competitors. The turbine features a powerful and quiet half horsepower pump jet motor. It has an easy vertical adjustment of height and direction of agitation. The turbine has a durable ABS plastic shell and lifetime-sealed bearings, ensuring product longevity.

We carry Replacement Turbine Assemblies for all Whitehall Whirlpool Tubs

  • Sports Whirlpool (S-series)
  • Extremity Whirlpools (E-series)
  • Lo-Boy or Hi-Boy Whirlpools (L & H Series)
  • Podiatry Whirlpools (P-series)
  • Full Immersion & Hubbard Tanks (F-series)

Ordering Information:

Turbine assembly is available either in the mobile style (includes pump out hose assembly for emptying) or stationary type (aerator cap substituted for hose assembly).

When ordering use suffix letter "M" for mobile or "S" for stationary. Information submitted w/ order should also include the model and serial numbers and the outside diameter of supporting raising and lowering shaft.

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Turbine Assembly for Stationary Whirlpools from Whitehall

This stationary turbine provides agitation but does not reverse to evacuate water.

Turbine Assembly for Mobile Whirlpools from Whitehall

Mobile turbines use a reverse-pump and hose assembly to empty the whirlpool.