Whitehall Stainless Steel 90 Gallon Mobile Cold Tank W/Out Turbine (WH-H-M-TO)

Whitehall Stainless Steel 90 Gallon Mobile Hi-boy Cold Tank W/Out Turbine

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180.00 LBS
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Whitehall 90 Gallon Mobile Cold Tank (90-H-M-TO)

The Whitehall 90 Gallon Mobile Cold Tank is an important tool in helping athletes recover from strenuous exercise. Cold-water immersion is thought to create a muscle-guarding effect that constricts damaged tissue and the local vascular system helping to reduce the extent of exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) and the associated delayed onset muscle damage (DOMS).

This cold tank provides a depth for shallow or deep body immersion for complete coverage of the lower extremities as well as the lower back and hip. Heavy duty casters allow for movement of the tank for placement in different locations.

While whirlpools and cold tanks provide hydrotherapy, whirlpools can also function as cold tanks by removing the turbine assembly and thermometer. A dedicated cold tank cannot be converted to a whirlpool.

Specifications of the Whitehall 75 Gallon Mobile Cold Tank

  • Tank Length:48”
  • Tank Width: 20”
  • Tank Depth: 28”
  • Tank Height: 35”
  • Tank Capacity: 90 gallons

Tank Finish: Stainless Steel. Additional fee for options:

  • Black Color Environ-Glaze (EGO7)
  • White Color Environ-Glaze (EG10)
  • Alpine Lake Enviro-Glaze (EG13)
  • Fairway Green Enviro-Glaze (EG14)
  • Firehouse Red Enviro-Glaze (EG15)

Whitehall Stainless Steel 90 Gallon Mobile Cold Tank W/Out Turbine

The 90-H-M-TO mobile cold tank is specifically designed for the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries. The unit offers recuperative and healing therapy to the extremities, hips, back and shoulder areas of athletes. If full immersion is not desired, an optional adjustable suspension seat can be utilized. When coupled with the optional tank top seat, unit can be used to treat lower extremities. For shallow or deep immersion.

This mobile design is phenomenal for anywhere that needs space that changes and evolves as they change. Having the ability to move your cold tank is ideal for many situations.  

Designed for mobile installation with direct plumbing connections to the water supply and drain. Perfect for establishing a place for physical therapy clinics and lockers. Used for Ice Baths

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