ADC Adtemp Temple Touch Conductive Digital Thermometer, 6 Seconds, Case of 25

ADC Adtemp Temple Touch Conductive Digital Thermometer, 6 Seconds, Case of 25

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Adtemp™ 427 Temple Touch 6 Second Conductive Digital Thermometer Pack of 25:

The world of healthcare has always been fast changing and less invasive. The Adtemp™ 427 Temple Touch 6 Second Conductive Digital Thermometer is no exception. Anyone who is in charge of caring for the sick knows that their body is working it's hardest to heal itself. You really don't want to interrupt their much needed rest to put the body into discomfort to take a temperature. Being able to swipe the forehead to get an accurate temperature reading makes a huge difference to anyone not feeling great. 

The convenience of a non-invasive, easy to administer, temple touch thermometer is perfect for traditional office, hospital, clinic, school, pediatric or home temperature assessment. It is also rapidly becoming an in-demand screening tool for PT, OT, and Chiropractic clinics, blood donation events, and other settings where workers or patrons should be screened for an elevated temperature in determining entrance or participation determination.

The sensitive and patented conductive technology of the Adtemp 427 Temple Touch Thermometer delivers an accurate temperature reading in about 6 seconds. Its design reduces the risk of cross contamination and eliminates the need for costly and inconvenient probe covers.

Forehead swipe temperate readings are essential during the pandemic. Office across the globe are checking hundreds of people's temperatures everyday. This is the least evasive and least expensive way to make sure that everyone in you rclinic is healthy and safe to be around.



  1. Patented technology for accurate conductive temperature assessment with last-reading memory
  2. Its small compact design (4.7” x 1.17” x 1”) and light weight (0.08 lbs) design allows easy use and convenient portability
  3. An audible tone is delivered when the test is complete (about 6 seconds time)
  4. Bold digital display of temperature measurement makes reading easy
  5. Uses 2 “AAA” batteries (included) and has an auto-off function that spares batter life for longer use, providing a minimum 1000 full duty cycles over a 24-month period
  6. Switchable Fahrenheit-Celsius reading
  7. Sensitivity of temperature range (95°F to 107.6°F/35°C to 42°C, +.1°C)
  8. Meets accuracy requirements for intermittent thermometers under ASTM E1112
  9. Backed by a 2-year warranty