AdView 2 Diagnostic Station | Includes Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, and Temperature Modules

ADC AdView 2 Diagnostic Station, w/ BP and Pulse Oximetry

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 ADC AdView 2 Diagnostic Station, w/ BP and Pulse Oximetry


1. Use of the oscillometric method of measurement

2. Display both pulse rate and mean arterial blood pressure in about 30 seconds

3. A manual mode to allow blood pressure to be captured with a stethoscope using the traditional auscultatory method without changing cuffs

4. Customizable averaging protocol. It can be set to average between 2 to 5 blood pressure readings to ensure accuracy

5. The ChipOX Nellcor-compatible SPO2 module adds pulse oximetry

6. Fahrenheit and Celsius readings and a Cold Mode for lower ranges

7. Measure oxygen saturation of arterial blood flow in just 10 seconds

8. This module also displays pulse rate signal strength and comes with a reusable finger clip sensor and 8 foot cable. 

Dimensions: 5.20" x 8.00" x 7.50"

Weight: 9.15 lbs