Balance Block (Stand)

Balance Block (Stand) - 13" x 6" x 3"

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Balance Block (Stand) - 13" x 6" x 3"

Neutral posture and maintaining healthy posture during movement is an important element in maintaining balance. In our computer, smart-phone driven world, neutral posture becomes more and more difficult to maintain for most people. The good news is with customized balance exercises and innovative balance training tools, it’s possible to improve posture and the ability to balance. The Togu Balance block is an unstable, air-filled block that can be used for balance training. The Togu block was designed can be used with dynamic one-leg exercises that help improve the strength of muscles and joints necessary for maintaining balance. One-leg standing exercises performed on an unstable surface is dynamic balance training that offers the several physiological benefits.


Togu Balance Block At-A-Glance

 •Improves posture and body awareness

 •Increases sensorimotor function and mobility

 •Enhances motor functions: coordination and stability.


Product Description: The Togu Balance block was designed to improve both strength and flexibility while performing proprioceptive and therapeutic exercises. Designed to provide intentional instability in order to strengthen the muscles and stabilizing tendons of the ankles, knees and joints. Togu’s balance block was designed specifically for standing exercises with the intention of focusing on strengthening one leg at a time, which is helpful in identifying strength deficits and balance weaknesses.


The Togu block is made of high-quality, non-skid surface material Ruton that ensures the block won't slide during use. This greatly reduces fall risks and makes it the perfect block to use for beginners and those in rehabilitation recovery from an injury. The Togu block features thick cushioning for comfort during use! If you’re looking to boost your balance training workouts at home, in the gym or need a piece of balance equipment to use with diverse patient populations, this block is the perfect choice. Not only that, but the Togu Balance block simple to use and store, it’s easy to clean.


It sounds simple, but one-leg standing exercises are a great way to work on balance ability and 

train the muscles around the joints of the ankles, knees and hips. These exercises offer several benefits for balance training whether used for fitness or rehabilitation.

The Top 5 Physical Benefits of the Togu Balance Block

  • Boost Results: Working with an unstable block like the Togu balance block increases strength, balance, and posture which will improve ability to perform functional movement.

  • Versatility: There are a wide variety of proprioceptive, therapeutic and fitness exercises that can be performed on this block, including standing one-leg poses.

  • Effective Size: The Togu Balance block is the perfect size for almost all people at all sizes and at all levels of fitness.

  • Rehabilitation: The Togu block was designed to be versatile enough for fitness and safe enough for rehabilitation, providing training for both strength and stability.

  • High Quality: Made from durable Ruton, the Togu block can endure years of use and can withstand approximately 150 kg to accommodate most users.


Dimensions: 13" x 3" x 6"

Weight: 1.97 lbs

Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.

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