Posturedo Balance Board

TOGU Posturedo Balance Board - 28" x 26" x 5"

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TOGU Posturedo Balance Board - 28" x 26" x 5"

The Togu Posturedo Balance Board was designed for lower body strengthening and conditioning and is the perfect balance training tool to use with patients recovering from lower limb or postural-effected injuries. The Posturedo Balance board was designed with air-filled balls made with Togu’s patented anti-burst technology sandwiched between two plates of wood. The instability provided by the Posturedo board can be easily adjusted to a patient or user’s skill level making it perfect for all levels of balance training, from beginning to advanced, fitness and rehabilitation. 


The 5 Benefits of the Togu Posturedo Balance Board


  • Improve neutral posture

  • Adjustable instability levels for goal progression

  • Increases balance ability

  • Strengthens the lower body

  • Enhances full body coordination


The Posturedo is a multi-functional balance training device that helps develop a healthy posture while improving strength for both mobilization and stabilization. Because of its adjustable design, the Posturedo Balance Board is great to use with patients who have suffered orthopedic injuries. The Balance Board features a large, air filled cushion fitted underneath a durable wooden plate, providing instability that can be easily adjusted to skill level with an included ball pump. The four stabilizer balls feature Togu’s patented ABS technology, making it a safe choice for beginner users.  Included in the Postoredo’s design is a handy integrated position indicator device that helps practitioners control and modify patients posture and movements. The sturdy plate gives the option to train with standing and/or prone exercises.


Balance is an important skill both in fitness, but in overall health. Any balance deficits are characterized by some sort of muscle weakness or disability. The muscles of the trunk, hip and core are the three most important muscle groups needed to maintain and improve balance. The Posturedo Balance disk is the perfect piece of balance training equipment designed to help improve strength in all three of these areas. The Togu Posturedo Balance Disk provides an adjustable unstable surface, which helps provide necessary feedback to the body to develop strengthening of the muscles needed to maintain balance.

The best part of using the Posturedo Balance board is that as balance training skills continue to advance, it can be adjusted to provide greater challenge to provide more difficult levels of functional training. This incremental training is important for both fitness and rehabilitation regimens.


With the diversity of functional exercises available to be used on the Posturedo Balance Board, it’s a great balance training device to be used in:

  • Physical therapy

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Sports and Fitness training

With a sturdy design that adheres to stringent safety standards, the Togu Posturedo board can be used with diverse populations, from beginner to advanced balance training and can be used specifically to improve:

  • Balance and Gait training

  • Agility training

  • Strengthening for the hips, trunk, core and stabilizing joints

  • Body awareness and proprioception


Dimensions: 28" x 5" x 26"

Weight: 20.50 lbs

Weight Capacity: 440 lbs.

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