The Aero Step Balance pad from TOGU | Regular and Pro Models available in several colors

TOGU Aero-Step Balance Trainer | Regular and Pro

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Togu Aero Step is a completely adjustable balance trainer. Available in Regular or the larger Pro modelLooking for a piece of fitness training equipment that can improve coordination and strengthen the muscles and stabilizing joints needed to maintain balance? A common culprit in a loss of balance and difficulty in movement is joint stiffness. It’s important when balance training to use tools that will help to improve joint stiffness and regain an ease not only with every day movement, but more complex movements, like exercise.

The Togu Aero Step is an innovative piece of balance training equipment that helps improve balance skills in addition to restoring reaction and reflexes needed in everyday life. Designed with a knobby surface on one side, the Aero Step will not only develop perception, but improve joint stability, movement coordination and balance.

Togu Aero Step At-A-Glance

  • Ideal for rehabilitation, injury prevention and fitness

  • Perfect for balance and proprioceptive training

  • Will hold up to 150 kg

  • Includes exercise poster with diagrammed functional exercises

Features of the Aero Step Balance Trainer from TOGU 

The Togu Aero Step is a completely adjustable balance trainer. Simply adjust air pressure to suit individual needs using the attached needle valve.Need more of a challenge? Reduce air pressure thereby reducing stability and increasing difficulty level.  Alternatively, when the air pressure is increased, the surface becomes more rigid providing more stability for those newer to balance training or in recovery from an injury.

The Aero Step features dual air chambers that can be used in a dorsal, ventral or standing position for many different balance training exercises either with or without hand weights. The Aero Step improves functional ease of movement and balance skills by strengthening joint stability, while improving reflexes and reactions. The knobby texture can be used for a massaging effect that can help stimulate the foot reflex zone and improves blood circulation.

The Benefits of the Togu Aero Step

  • Made of patented Ruton, a recyclable and environmentally friendly material

  • Material is odorless, latex-free and phthalates-free

  • Manufacturer offers a 30-year warranty

  • Adjustable needle valve adjusts for all fitness levels

  • Meets stringent safety standards

How does the Togu Aero Step trainer work?

The innovative design of the Togu Aero Step is based on coordinated movements (motion controlling) and proprioceptive (motion processing) training methods with the goal of increasing ease in all movements, including passive motion and improving static and active balance. The Aero Step is an inflated balance therapy tool that features Togu’s patented Anti-Burst technology. The amount of air inside the chambers makes the level of stability or instability and can be easily adjusted with a needle valve that regulates the air charge. For added stability, the Aero Step features a connecting plate at the bottom of the balance trainer that ensures proper adhesion to the ground and increases user-safety making it suitable for all levels of fitness and balance skills. Exercises can be performed in a dorsal, ventral or standing position.

Togu Aero Step Product Specifications

  • Material: high-quality Ryton

  • Medium-sized pimples on the surface

  • Dual chamber air system

  • Improves joint stability

  • Tightens and strengthens muscles

  • Available in colors: Regular Aero Step: blue, green or red | Aero Step Pro: Red, Blue, Sliver

  • LxWxH: Regular Aero Step: 18 x 13 x 3 (inches) | Aero Step Pro: 21 x 16 x 3 (inches).


30 Year Warranty