Buying Guide for Whitehall Whirlpools

21st Nov 2016

Buying Guide for Whitehall Whirlpools

The Power of Therapeutic Whirlpools & Hydrotherapy for Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy is a powerful modality to offer patients in need of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Whirlpool therapy was originally used by physical therapists (PTs) in the treatment of burn patients in order to help remove damaged or necrotic tissue. Whirlpool therapy continues to be an essential component in wound care, but additional benefits of hydrotherapy have been found that increases its use in rehabilitation.

How to Buy a Whirlpool Therapy Tub For Rehab

The goal of this buying guide is help you navigate the ins and outs of our stainless steel whirlpool therapy baths. We feature several different sizes and styles intended for use in clinics and and athletic training facilities. Whether you need a large therapy bath for sports injury rehab, or just small extremity hydrotherapy tub we've got an option perfect for you. Continue reading the guide for more info and checkout the following categories for all whirlpool therapy products.

Top Whirlpool Therapy Products and Categories

The Rehabilitative Benefits of Hydrotherapy

  • Relaxes tense, tight and spasming muscles
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces pain
  • Diminishes stiffness
  • Increases range of motion

With these rehabilitative benefits, hydrotherapy treatment given as whirlpool therapy can be used in diverse patient problems with unique therapeutic needs. Some of patient issues whirlpool therapy can help are:

  • Arthritis: Research has found that warm water whirlpool therapy can help reduce pain and stiffness while improving range of motion for patients with both Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. (Effects of a Warm Whirlpool Bath on Pain and Stiffness)
  • Tendonitis: Whirlpool therapy can be used in different ways to address the diverse issues of tendonitis. Warm water whirlpool therapy can be used to increase circulation (which helps heal the tendon) and cold water therapy can help decrease any inflammation or swelling. A contrast whirlpool can be used to create a “pumping” effect (rapidly opening and closing the arteries) which also helps significantly decrease swelling.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: The benefits of whirlpool therapy are created by a combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage. Studies show that warm-water whirlpool therapy positively benefits the systems of the body and specifically, the muscle relaxation and improved range of motion with hydrotherapy helps relieve spasticity and joint pain caused by Multiple Sclerosis. (Scientific Evidence-Based Effects of Hydrotherapy)

The advantages of using whirlpool therapy make it a great choice for most rehabilitation regimens. The question is how to choose the right machine for your clinic’s needs. From table-top whirlpools to extremity tubs, there are hydrotherapy choices perfect for all clinical requirements. Here is a buying guide to help find the perfect whirlpool device for your clinic.

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Lo Boy Tabletop Extremity
Whirlpool (15 gal.)
Hi Boy Full Body
Whirlpool (110 gal.)
Hi Boy Mid Body
Whirlpool (75 gal.)
Little Champ Table Top Whirlpool from WhitehallHi Boy 110 Gal Whirlpool from Whitehall0130108599842858870.jpg

Table-Top Whirlpool Therapy

Little Champ Whirlpool with Separate Drain Pump: The Little Champ Whirlpool therapy device is one of the most versatile and portable stainless steel whirlpools available. The advantages of the Little Champ Whirlpool are:

  • Versatile: The Little Champ was designed to be used on a table-top, floor, or stand.
  • Powerful: With a variable speed turbine, the Little Champ whirlpool is able to provide strong therapeutic current.
  • Portable: The Little Champ features a separate drain pump making it portable. The Little Champ whirlpool was designed with the pump located on the underside of the mobile whirlpool tank as opposed to simply draining, which allows the hose to direct evacuated water to a chosen receptacle giving it portability.

Extremity Whirlpool Therapy

10 Gallon Whirlpool with HydroLift: This accessible whirlpool was designed with a hydrolift which gives practitioners the ability to raise and lower the single whirlpool in order to treat lower and/or upper extremities.

  • Portable Capabilities: Stationary when in use, the Whirlpool with HydroLift was designed with castors so that when it’s lowered it can be moved anywhere in the clinic.
  • Fully Adjustable: In addition to giving practitioners the ability to treat both lower and/or upper extremities, the HydroLift whirlpool features the ability to raise the whirlpool rim up to 36 inches.

15 Gallon Extremity Whirlpool: The 15 Gallon Extremity Whirlpool tub, whether stationary or mobile, is a space saver that gives practitioner’s the ability to provide treatment of precise areas, such as the foot, ankle, elbow, forearm and hand.

  • Easily Adjustable: The 15 Gallon Extremity series is easily adjustable to either upper or lower extremity treatments with a simple to elevate or lower undercarriage.

Full Body Whirlpool Therapy

60 or 75 Hi-Boy Whirlpool Therapy Tub: Recommended for both shallow or deep body immersion, the Hi-Boy Whirlpool series offers top-quality hydrotherapy as stationary or mobile tubs. Designed to be used with an optional adjustable suspension seat which allows for treatment of the low back, hip and leg.

  • Available Arm Support: The Hi-Boy Therapy tubs offer the option of arm rest support which makes it more comfortable for patients to rest arms or hands on either side of the whirlpool tank.
  • Top Quality Thermometer: The Hi-Boy Whirlpool series comes standard with a dual scale thermometer that has adjustable calibration and with a stem that inserts into a retainer to prevent rattle during whirlpool agitation.

110 Gallon Sports Whirlpool Tub: This Sports Whirlpool tub was designed with sports-related injuries in mind. Perfect for athletic centers as well as rehabilitation clinics, this sports whirlpool therapy tub can give hydrotherapy treatment to the extremities, hips, back and shoulder areas.

  • Accommodates Most: The 110 Gallon Sports tub is large enough to accommodate most patient’s body types.
  • Full Body Coverage: The main advantage of the 110 Gallon Sports Therapy tub is that it is able to provide full coverage of the back and shoulders.

Podiatry Whirlpool Therapy

10 Gallon Podiatry Whirlpool: The 10 Gallon Podiatry Whirlpool is a great choice when clinics have a need to provide hydrotherapy for the lower calf and foot. The podiatry tub is a stationary hydrotherapy device that offers many superior benefits:

  • Quiet: Perfect for use in busy rehabilitation clinics, the 10 Gallon whirlpool has a powerful yet quiet 1/2 horsepower turbine motor.
  • Adjustable: The Podiatry whirlpool was designed be adjustable so practitioners can change the height and direction of water agitation towards the area of the body to be treated.
  • Movable: The 10 Gallon Podiatry whirlpool tubs are offered as stationary or mobile hydrotherapy devices.

Eco-Conscious Whirlpool Therapy

22 Gallon Mobile Extremity Whirlpool: The Extremity line of whirlpools was designed to not only provide top-quality hydrotherapy, but to be versatile, economical and ecologically sound. The 22 Gallon Extremity Whirlpool tub was designed to treat precise areas of the body: foot, ankle, elbow, forearm, while also being comfortable for the patient.

  • Compact: Designed to be space conscious, the 22 Gallon whirlpool is compact making it easy to store.
  • Saves Water: Reducing water usage with a low-gallon capacity, the Extremity whirlpool lowers the ecological impact without diminishing therapeutic benefits.
  • Mobile: The extremity whirlpool line offers mobile units that can be moved between treatment rooms easily.

Pediatric and/or Geriatric Accessible Whirlpool Therapy

75 Gallon Lo-Boy Whirlpool Therapy: Stationary or mobile, the Lo-Boy whirlpool series combines full-body immersion with easy access. The Lo-Boy Whirlpool therapy tubs are perfect for pediatric or geriatric populations and give practitioners the ability to treat most of the extremities along with the hips and upper back.

  • Accessible: Designed with possible limited range of motion in mind, the Lo-Boy whirlpool tubs long, shallow and at a lower height giving patients easier access to get into the unit.
  • Comfortable: The Lo-Boy whirlpool series offers an adjustable head rest that increases patient comfort while also making it possible to treat the upper back, shoulder and neck areas.

Whatever treatment populations a clinic may specialize in, there is a whirlpool therapy tub that will be perfect for their needs. The benefits of hydrotherapy are proven and whirlpool therapy is a safe, effective way of achieving those therapeutic results.

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