podiatry mobile whirlpool

Whitehall Stainless Steel Podiatry P-10-M Mobile Whirlpool

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Whitehall Stainless Steel Podiatry P-10-M Mobile Whirlpool

Podiarty Mobile Whirlpool is for treatment of extremities, hips and back area and allows space for exercising.

Mounted on 4 heavy-duty five inch casters. Tank can be emptied through the gravity drain or by using whirlpool turbine assembly and drainage hose.

Whirlpools have a single 1/2 horsepower motor to drive the agitation, spot spray and emptying operations. Dial varies the degree of agitation by controlling the amount of air introduced into the water. The agitator (turbine assembly) can be raised and lowered on its shaft to change the directional flow. Can be removed from the shaft if service is needed. Tanks are fabricated from 18 gauge stainless steel, with a reinforced rim and a seamless coven bottom to minimize bacteria buildup. Comes with thermometer.

Podiatric Mobile P-10-M

  • Length - 22" x Width 13" x Depth 12"
  • Height - 18 inches
  • Capacity - 10 Gallons


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* This unit works alone or with Whithall Hydrolift

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