Performing Medical-Legal Evaluations for Injured Patients

7th Sep 2018

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Performing Medical-Legal Evaluations for Injured Patients

In addition to patients seen under an insurance or cash basis, clients who have suffered a work-place injury or car accident can benefit from physical therapy to help address their pain and return them to function. What sets patients that have suffered a workplace injury or car accident apart from a typical patient is merely an insurance company is covering their medical costs. For these patients, it’s imperative their rehabilitation practitioner use diagnostic tools, like handheld dynamometers or goniometers, to offer comprehensive care.

The following list are the most common types of medical/legal patients:

  • Personal injury cases
  • Workers’ compensation cases
  • Malpractice cases

Not only do these patients have the same aims: to return to full function, but rehabilitation also helps bring these cases to a resolution. Since rehabilitation plays an integral role in these cases: for the patient’s physical well-being as well as resolution of a legal matter: the evaluation and charting process is of even more importance. In order to make the evaluation and charting process seamless, practitioners are wise to use specific diagnostic tools to help streamline the process and ensure accuracy for reporting purposes. One of the best tools on the market today for practitioners to utilize is the Commander Echo.

One of the main benefits of the Commander Echo is it provides practitioners and practices alike with an effective and easy to use system for preparing a comprehensive report that summarizes the evaluator’s data and objective findings. With a simple to use system, practitioners can quickly and objective evaluate both strength and range of motion in addition to other necessary date to help support a patient’s case for loss of functional ability and/or pain.

When an employee sustains and injury or a patient has a car accident, there is a lengthy process that starts with evaluations and leads to reports and paperwork as they navigate the claims process. Upon seeking an evaluation with a rehabilitation practitioner or physical therapist must establish a baseline of strength in addition to identify any deficits that may have occurred as a results of the injury or accident. Using medical/legal approved evaluation tools like those included in the Commander Echo go a long way towards establishing a chain of trustworthy results.

In these situations, the first thing a practitioner will need to do is to evaluate the injury or condition. This is particularly important with a work-related injury, where a practitioner needs to confirm the person’s description of the accident or injury and diagnose the degree of disability or dysfunction. With the use of diagnosistic tools, like those included in the Commander Echo, the practitioner can establish necessary baselines and create a workable plan to help return the patient to full function in their daily activities and necessary work tasks. Throughout the rehabilitation process, practitioners will continue to use specific manual muscle testing and range of motion tools to help track progress and adjust the prescribed regimen as necessary. Finally, the Commander Echo provides concrete data of patient’s progress in terms of strength, range of motion and ultimately function which can help provide valuable information on if and when a patient can return to work, if disability has occurred as a result of the injury.

While there are many diagnostic tools on the market, the JTech Commander sets itself apart because each tool can be used seamlessly with one convenient console. Corresponding software makes data collection and report creation a snap.

The Benefits of the JTech Commander Echo

The JTech Commander was designed to offer practitioners full-scale evaluations using different diagnostic tools to measure strength and range of motion with data stored in one easy-to-use device. The benefits of the JTech Commander include:

  • Documents the testing subject’s ability to meet critical daily activities and any deficits that may hamper that ability.
  • Provides accurate results for physical strength capabilities to establish a baseline, track progress throughout rehabilitation and establish a timeline for return-to-work and full function in daily activities.
  • Versatile testing applications: ability to handle daily tasks, work tasks, ability to maintain neutral posture, manual dexterity or more.
  • Practitioners can use the JTech Commander confidently because it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance dictates.

The JTech Commander Diagnostic Tools

Large Range of Motion: To test for range of motion, an inclinometer device is invaluable to provide complete evaluation of movement in the testing joint for the spine and large extremities.

Muscle Testing: The JTech Commander Manual Muscle Testing handheld dynamometer gives practitioners the ability to test strength of an injured muscle or group of muscles. Additionally, strength can be evaluated with regards to ability to accomplish specific daily and job tasks. This is a great tool to establish a baseline and continue to use to track rehabilitation progress.

Small Range of Motion: In addition to large range of motion, it can sometimes be important to evaluate movement of the small joints in fingers and toes. In these cases, a goniometer is a valuable tool. The Commander Echo goniometer offers is both portable and highly without the need for a computer for data collection.

Pinch Strength: Research has shown that hand strength is not only an indicator of a person’s ability to remain independent but is also a sign of overall health and predictor for certain health problems. The Commander Echo Pinch Strength Gauge was designed to measure hand strength as well as voluntary maximal effort evaluations.

The Echo Commander Console:

The Echo Commander console was designed to work easily with range of motion and strength testing devices and will automatically collect and store the individual testing results wirelessly. The Echo Commander console is required with the purchase of each evaluation device and can be used with corresponding software to provide practitioners with detailed reports.

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