The Lifecycle Guidelines of Whitehall Hydrotherapy Tubs and Turbines

2nd Feb 2024

Posted by Lynn Perkes MS, AT, PTA on

The Lifecycle Guidelines of Whitehall Hydrotherapy Tubs and Turbines

The use of Hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs has for years been an important tool for athletic trainers. High schools through professional sports use hydrotherapy tubs in the treatment of athletes to help reduce pain and speed the healing process of sports induced musculoskeletal injuries, as well as certain post-operational procedures. In the hospital or clinical setting whirlpools are used to treat burns, lesions, amputations, septic ulcers, and other medical conditions. Further, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the purchase and use of whirlpools by the lay public for use in their homes.

An important consideration for all these populations of whirlpool hydrotherapy tub users is the “life cycle guidelines” for use of the Whitehall therapy products as they are designed according to FDA regulations on whirlpools labeled as “medical devices”. Knowing the so-called “cut-off” dates for tub and turbine replacement and combined use eligibility will be important in the budget planning and timing for replacement.

What are the Whitehall life cycle guidelines for their stainless steel hydrotherapy tubs and turbines?

1. Life cycle for Whitehall hydrotherapy tub is 10 years.

  • Important: Once the hydrotherapy tub has exceeded its life cycle, a new turbine cannot be purchased for the that tub.

2. Lifecycle for the Whitehall hydrotherapy turbine is 5 years. The turbine has a shorter life cycle than the stainless steel tub because of the electric parts.

  • Important: Once the hydrotherapy turbine has exceeded its life cycle, a new turbine can only be purchased for the hydrotherapy tub if the tub is still in its life cycle.
  • Important:When purchasing a new turbine for an existing tub still in its life cycle, the purchaser will be required to present a photo of their hydrotherapy tub serial number.

One of the questions we often receive at is “what do we do then with our old (exceeding the 10 year life cycle) whirlpool hydrotherapy tub?” The simple answer is to convert the old whirlpool hydrotherapy tub to a cold tank. For more information on converting your hydrotherapy tub to a cold tank and its purposes, click HERE for an article specific to that subject.

Important Take Away

If your Whitehall hydrotherapy tub is nearing the end of its 10 year life cycle, and you want to continue using it as a whirlpool, then make sure that you purchase a new hydrotherapy turbine before the end of the tub’s life cycle.

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