Carrying Case and Unit  Care-Tec IV Electrical Stimulation Device

Care-Tec IV Electrical Stimulation Device

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Care-Tec IV Electrical Stimulation Device

Acute trauma or repetitive motion Injury, surgery, emotional tension, immobilization, and faulty posture are some of the main factors that can cause musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. This leads to restricted (or further restricted) movement of the involved body part. When a body part or any joint in the upper or lower extremities is restricted in movement it adversely affects the circulatory system providing blood to that area. This causes a condition known as “circulatory stasis”, an inadequate blood flow to the tissues and a retention of metabolites or waste products of metabolism. This condition causes pain and muscle spasm and further restricts movement. Disuse of our extremities, or a condition of immobility, will lead to muscle atrophy, increased pain, and a breakdown of joint structure, especially the articular cartilage that covers the articulating surfaces of all our joints. In essence, a vicious cycle is created that must be broken to allow healing to occur and pain to be eliminated.

The Care Tec IV Electrical Stimulation Device is a small, compact, and portable electrotherapy device that can deliver four (4) different therapy modes, each working in a unique way to disrupt the vicious cycle at one or more of the point or block nerve pain impulse transmission. They are: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Interferential (IF), and Russian Stim.

  • TENS: This therapy uses high frequency electrical current delivered via electrodes attached to the skin to create a vibrational sensation that reduces the amount of pain impulse transmissions that are delivered to the brain. Click HERE for a full article that explains how a TENS unit reduces the pain a person is experiencing.
  • EMS: This treatment modality sends electrical impulses to muscles that have been injured and are in a weakened state causing them to contract. In essence, it is similar as to if the brain had initiated the nerve impulse to cause the muscle to contract. This repeated muscle contraction helps “re-educate” the muscle from its prolonged period of disuse or minimal use, improves blood flow to the muscle, and strengthens the muscle it as an essential component in the rehabilitation process of damaged and weakened muscles.
  • Interferential: Interferential stimulation therapy uses two alternating electrical currents of different frequencies to produce an interferential current shown to positively affect nerves, reduce inflammation and pain, and increase blood flow to the injured tissue to promote healing.
  • Russian Stim: Russian stimulation, sometimes referred to as functional electrical stimulation, has proven helpful in improving the force generating capacity of injured muscle helping to strengthen it more quickly following injury or surgery. This makes this an important treatment modality for the athlete or any individual seeking to return to sport or activity quickly.

Unique Features of the Care Tec IV Electrical Stimulation Device

  • Comes with pre-set therapy program for each of the four therapy mode waveforms so treatment is very user friendly.
  • Dual channel configuration allows for use of four electrodes
  • Digital display for easy to read settings
  • Continuous or 1-60 second automatic shut-off timer
  • Uses one (1) standard 9-volt battery or AC adapter
  • Dimensions: 4.5” x 2.55” x 0.9”
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs. With battery

The Care Tec IV Electrical Stimulation Device Package Includes:

  • The Care Tec IV Electrical Stimulation device
  • One 9-volt battery
  • 45” lead wires
  • An AC adapter
  • One pack of four self-adhesive reusable electrodes
  • Instructional manual
  • A hard and durable plastic carrying case
  • One-year warranty

Electrotherapy Treatment Modes Specifications


Treatment Mode


Wave Form:

Monophasic Square
  • Pulse Width: Adjustable, from 50-300µs microseconds, 10µS/step
  • Pulse Rate: Adjustable, from 1-150 Hz, 1 Hz/step
  • Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-100mA peak at 1000 ohm Load each channel, 1mA/Step.
  • User Defined Modes: Burst, Normal, Pulse Width Modulation, Pulse Rate Modulation

Wave Form:

Monophasic Square
  • Pulse Width: Adjustable, from 50-300µS microseconds, 10µSec/Step.
  • Pulse Rate: Adjustable, from 1-150 Hz, 1 Hz/Step
  • Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-100mA peak at 1000 ohm Load each channel, 1mA/Step
  • Contraction Time: Adjustable, 1-30 seconds, 1 Sec/Step
  • Relaxation (OFF) Time: Adjustable, 0-60 seconds, 1 Sec/Step
  • Ramp time: Adjustable, 1-6 seconds, 1 Sec/Step
  • User Defined Modes: Synchronous, Alternate, Delay

Interferential (IF)
Wave Form:
Biphasic Square

  • Phase Width: 125µS
  • Pulse Rate: Channel 1 – Fundamental frequency: 4000 Hz fixed,
    Channel 2 – Selectable frequency: 4001 to 4150 Hz, Interference
    Frequency: 1 to 150 Hz.
  • Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-70mA peak to peak at 1000 ohm Load each channel, 1mA/Step.
  • User Defined Modes: 4

Russian Stimulation  

Wave Form:        
Biphasic Square

  • Pulse Width: 150µS, adjustable
  • Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-60mA peak at 1000 ohm Load each channel, 1.0mA/step
  • Frequency: Carrier Frequency (Fixed): 2500Hz, Burst Frequency: Adjustable, from 20-80Hz, 1.0Hz/step
  • Amplitude / Intensity Adjustment: 1 – 8
  • Ramp Time: 2 seconds
  • Contraction & Relaxation Time: Continuous or Adjustable (10 to 45 Seconds)
  • Duty Cycle: 50% for P1; 10%-50% for P2
  • User Defined Modes: Constant, Modulation, Modulation

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