The versatile Current Solutions ComboCare Electrotherapy Ultrasound Machine allows the therapist to provide treatment with both modalities.

ComboCare Electrotherapy Ultrasound Machine by Roscoe Medical DQ7844

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Treatment Uses::
  • Increase blood flow & soft tissue repair
  • Reduce pain & inflammation
  • Increase soft tissue extensibility & flexibility
  • Decrease stiffness & improve range of motion
  • Muscle re-education
Indications for Use::
  • Musculoskeletal “itis” conditions
  • Carpal tunnel, nerve entrapment, TMJ dysfunction
  • Ligament sprains & muscle strains
  • Joint stiffness, soft tissue contractures, adhesions
  • Muscle spasms, atrophy

ComboCare Electrotherapy Ultrasound Machine

The DQ 7844 ComboCare Combination Therapy Device allows the therapist to provide treatment using any one of the 5 included electrotherapy waveforms in combination with ultrasound or use any one of the waveforms or ultrasound separately. Choose between several different amplitude modulation options with the simple push of a button and accurately monitor treatment from the large LCD display. Both the interferential and premodulated modes allow for frequency modulation and static frequency. With it's 50 estim presets and 20 ultrasound presets the ComboCare Combination Therapy Machine is ready to begin providing healing and relief immediately.

The ComboCare E-Stim & Ultrasound Machine is extremely portable and is the perfect fit for any user requiring both modalities for treating themselves or others. When treatment time is important this device allows users to quickly and effectively relieve pain and swelling caused by soft tissue injuries, arthritis, and many more ailments. Traveling clinicians especially find the ComboCare to be the perfect device to take on the road as it size a shape make it very portable. 

Last but not least, other combination therapy units can cost 2 to 3 times as much as the ComboCare which is why it is one of the best values for combination therapy devices on the market for both home users and therapists alike. 

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The ComboCare Unit Includes the Following EStim and Ultrasound Treatments:

  • Interferrential (IF) 2 & 4 pole
  • Premodulated
  • Russian Stim (Medium Frequency)
  • TENS
  • and EMS
  • as well as a dual frequency therapeutic ultrasound (1MHz and 3MHz)
  • NOTEthis device also has combo mode so the ultrasound applicator acts as the second electrode and the stim emits through the ultrasound head

Also included: eight sets of electrodes, eight sets of rubber electrodes with sponges, eight straps, four sets of lead wires and a user manual.

Features of the ComboCare Professional EStim & Ultrasound Combination Therapy Machine

  • Oversized, easy to read LCD display
  • Dual frequency 5cm ultrasound applicator
  • Portable, lightweight design for clinical and home use
  • 5 separate estim waveforms for a multitude of treatment options
    • 10 presets per waveform (50 total)
  • 20 Ultrasound presets
  • 10 - 100% Duty Cycle
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

Product Specifications for the ComboCare Combination Therapy Device:

Wavelength: IFC-4P, IFC-2P, TENS, EMS and Russian
Pulse Width: 30-40 µs
Frequency: 1 MHz and 3 MHz for ultrasound, 1-250 Hz for LF, beat frequency for IF: 1-150 Hz, carrier frequency for IF: 4KHz, carrier frequency for Russian: 2.5KHz
Power Supply: Adaptor, input 100-240V 50/60 Hz, output 15V/3A
Intensity: Max 3W/CM2 (pulse) for ultrasound, 0-50mA for IF (IKΩ), 0-100mA for LF (IKΩ)
Working Time: Max 60 minutes for IF, Max 30 minutes for ultrasound and combo
Dimensions: 9.8” x 7.3” x 3.2”
Weight: 5.5 lbs.
Working Environment: Temperature: 10°C - 40°C Humidity: 30% RH to 85% RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 800hPa - 1060hPa
Storage Environment: Temperature: 10°C - 55°C Humidity: 20% RH to 85% RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 700hPa - 1060hPa

How to set up your ComboCare Electrotherapy Ultrasound Machine:

If you have questions about the ComboCare Combination Therapy Machine or any of the other physical therapy modalities sells, please contact our customer service department.

**Note: Ultrasounds may only be returned if the product has NOT been used. Used Ultrasound devices may not be returned due to sanitary health reasons set by the FDA. If you are attempting to return the device due to defect or malfunction with performance, this would go through the warranty and we ask you to please contact us for a warranty claim

***The Current Solutions ComboCare Electrotherapy Ultrasound unit is a Class II Medical Device.***