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Console Base for JTech Medical Echo Evaluation

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Console Base Kit for JTech Medical Echo Evaluation Products

JTECH Medical’s Commander Echo System and Console has all of the tools needed to for practitioners to objectively document physical capabilities from baseline to end of treatment Not only that, but available software modules can help save your clinic both time and money with streamlining analysis and report creation with a click of a button.


The Accurate & Versatile JTech Commander Echo

The JTech Commander Echo can be used in rehabilitation and employee screening/training. Some of the ways the JTech Commander can benefit your organization include:


  • Easily document a testing subject’s ability to meet critical daily activities and job requirements
  • Provides accurate results for physical strength capabilities, a baseline of strength for physical disabilities, and the ability to test for maximum effort required for a variety of applications including: fitness-for-duty, return-to-work, post-offer evaluation and treatment graduation.
  • Can be used to test for diverse tasks such as: material handling, work activity, work posture, job task, cardiovascular, dexterity or more
  • Meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance dictates


Included in the JTECH Medical’s Commander Echo System:

Inclinometry: An inclinometry device is essential for any practitioner that wants to objectively evaluate and document range of motion for spine and large extremities. The JTech Commander Dual Inclinometer is the preferred method for capturing compound spinal range of motion data, as recommended by the American Medical Association. What sets this ROM measurement device apart is it’s portable and doesn’t require a computer or data collection. This wireless inclinometer captures and stores all relevant testing results and allows practitioners to have complete measurements for both flexion and extension without awkward repositioning of the device. 


The Benefits of the JTech Commander Inclinometer
  • Offers 99% accuracy when used correctly
  • Since it’s a wireless device, there are no cord restrictions making the device accessible for use anywhere in the clinic or office
  • Includes both passive and active movement to provide true range of motion testing
  • Automatically quantifies true range of motion from each inclinometer by subtracting any intervention movement or truly accurate results
  • With automatic collection of data without pressing a button, the JTech Commander makes collecting test results simple


Muscle Testing: The ability to document strength of a muscle or group of muscles for a variety of tasks that require a certain level of strength is important for both rehabilitation and organizations that hire personnel to perform specific job tasks that require a baseline of strength and ability.


Muscle strength testing is a valuable portion of rehabilitation evaluation. A manual muscle testing dynamometer is designed to assess strength and provide solid evidence of a baseline of strength and can be used to record functional losses and improvements through treatment. Working with Commander Echo’s MMT device offers your practice a portable, highly accurate digital testing solution that doesn’t require a computer for data collection. With the wireless manual muscle dynamometer that works seamlessly with the Commander Echo console, practitioners can rest assured that all relevant data is captured and stored. Displaying results in the user’s preferred units of measure is simple with a few quick clicks of a button. 


The Benefits of the JTech Commander Muscle Testing Dynamometer
  • Industry-recognized leader for accurate results
  • Guarantees 99% accuracy using “Axis Compensation” technology even when dynamometer is placed off-center
  • Palm-sized, ergonomic design for easy use
  • Measures in lb, kg, N
  • Provides automatic repetition data collection so practitioners can move through tests without the need to adjust the device


Goniometry: For practitioners or evaluators that need to evaluate range of motion (ROM) of both large extremity joints and small joints in fingers and toes, a goniometer is an invaluable device. Commander Echo offers an innovative goniometer device that is both portable and highly without the need for a computer for data collection. The goniometer is completely wireless and all relevant data is stored and displayed seamlessly on the Commander Echo. Goniometers provide complete range of motion results which can be used for diagnostic, treatment planning, progress tracking and identification of deficits. 


The Benefits of the JTech Commander Goniometer

  • The Commander Echo Goniometer offers accurate measurement results for large extremities with the use of a clear snap on rails
  • Complete range of motion testing. Testing subjects can be taken from flexion through hyperextension. Additionally, the goniometer will document immobile joints
  • The evaluation and documentation is streamlined so users can focus on testing 


Pinch Strength: Research has shown that hand strength is not only an indicator of a person’s ability to remain independent but is also a sign of overall health and predictor for certain health problems. The Commander Echo Pinch Strength Gauge was designed to measure hand strength as well as voluntary maximal effort evaluations. The Commander Echo Pinch Gauge is portable and offers more reliable, accurate results than other devices. The pinch gauge also works wirelessly for data collection. Working with the Commander Echo console, all relevant testing data is automatically captured and stored in your preferred measurements. 


The Benefits of the JTech Commander Pinch Gauge

  • Patient charting is a snap because the pinch dynamometer can store up to 20 tests.
  • Not only can practitioners test for key, palmar and tip testing, but the dynamometer can detect bilateral differences and automatically establishes baselines for both sides and can be used to monitor progress.
  • The Commander Pinch Gauge features a 50 lb. capacity, will work effectively with various patient populations of various capabilities.


The Echo Commander Console:

The Echo Commander works seamlessly with the strength and ROM testing devices to automatically collect and store testing results wirelessly. The Echo Commander console is required with the purchase of each evaluation device. 


The Commander Echo Console can easily record data for up to 7 different manual muscle testing devices, at the same time. It is the ability to add on devices, that helps clinics and practices when they first start out as well as has the ability to add devices as your business expands.